we proudly present

the wooll-e® Knitted Series

Designed in 2016 by Rotterdam based artist Monika Soltysik for wooll-e® .

The Knitted Series is the result of our inspirational journey of collaboration, sharing, testing and pushing limits to create unique knitted sleeves for the wooll-e® lamp.

The Knitted Series is inspired on architectural forms, organic shapes and Dutch skies.

Especially clouds, as Monika Soltysik thinks ``there is nowhere else where clouds looks as impressive as they do in the Netherlands”. She translated her fascination for clouds into sculptural designs for the wooll-e® Knitted series. It inspired us to come up with fantastic names like wooll-e®Alto fore/rear and wooll-e® Cirro fore/rear , all derived from different types of clouds such as altocumulus or cirrocumulus.