100% Felt

It’s super easy changing the appearance of your wooll-e® lamp.

The 100% Felt sleeves are designed and hand-made by order in the Netherlands.

The classic collection is available in the colour combinations 

  1. ash grey / royal orange
  2. coal grey / turquoise blue
  3. grass green / lime green
  4. turquoise blue / royal orange
  5. mustard yellow / turquoise blue
  6. hot pink / mustard yellow

Simply slip the sleeve over your wooll-e® to add some colour on your wall.

The sleeve contrasts nicely with the lampshade and gives you the freedom to create the style you like by positioning it on the top, middle or bottom of the wooll-e lampshade.

If you look for something different!, just know that we like to work in commission and love to create something especially for you. Just lets talk shop.