The world of wooll-e®.

On a late summer day in 2012, while enjoying a lunch in our favorite coffee bar, we found inspiration that later grew into the wooll-e® concept.

During the wooll-e creating process, we worked with people from different backgrounds and included their feedback while we turned a simple idea into a great wall lamp.

This video, by talented Dave Vriens,  helped us launch the wooll-e into the world in 2013.

We take pride in using high quality materials sourced locally where possible, to give you the very best. Dutch Design, hand-made in the Netherlands.

Producing by order makes us flexible. We prefer to keep it pesonal. Just choose what you like and let us know and we’ll get in touch with you to make it all happen!

Never a dull moment in the studio! We’re a group of friends with backgrounds in architecture, art and design. For us it’s pure fun collaborating with amazing professionals and great artists and simply do what we love and that’s making beautiful things to bright up your life.

Together with you, wooll-e owner, we co-create the world of wooll-e.

wooll-e® Dutch Design by readymate. But let’s not be formal – just call us wooll-e!