The world of wooll-e

YES!, ” now you can hang a lamp by sticking it on your wall or with drilling just one hole “.

The wooll-e® is a unique ready to hang wall lamp that allows you to be creative.

Sleeves we design are unique and contrasts nicely with the wooll-e  lampshade, giving you the freedom to create your own style.

Just choose one of many sleeves that you like. Get inspired.

You know it’s super easy to change the appearance of your wooll-e lamp by simply slipping a different sleeve over the lampshade or placing the wooll-e blocker®.

Be a good scout and show your creativity in how you organize the electric cord.

Simply re-hang the wooll-e where ever you want or need an extra light to bright up the room.

By owning a wooll-e, you’re part of the wooll-e family, co-creating the amazing world of wooll-e.

What’s in the box:

wooll-eNo tools required

Have you ever hang a wall lamp without using a tool or making a mess? No! Well, now you can with the wooll-e ®.

Always start with sticking the metal discs on your wall and you are ready to hang your wooll-e lamp. No need for tools, plugs, nails or cleaning afterwards.

The discs, – with a tapering hole in the middle –, are equipped with professional semi-removable stickers on the back. If non-smooth surface or plasticizers in your paint, varnish or your wall paper affects the adhesive power of the stickers, you simply use the hole in the middle of the discs. It’s there to assure that everyone can enjoy the fun of a wooll-e®.

Just in case! Additional to the extra stickers – to re-hang your discs when you move or redecorate –, we’ll add a plug and screw in the box.

wooll-e lampshade 15x15cmLampshades

The wooll-e® lampshades we use are all handmade to our specifications in the Netherlands.

Double layered to give the lampshade the firmness we like. On the outside we use white textile and silver grey on the inside for that little extra reflection. So even without the sleeve the wooll-e lampshade can be a shining light on your wall.

The dimensions of the lampshade are 15 cm in diameter and a height of 15 cm.

100% Felt sleeves Classic CollectionSleeves

It’s easy to change the appearance of your wooll-e® lamp.
You simply slip the sleeve over the lampshade. It contrasts nicely with the lampshade and gives you the freedom to create your own look. Just position the sleeve to suit you. On the top, middle or bottom of the lampshade. Get inspired examples follow!

100% Felt

Especially for the wooll-e® introduction in 2013, we designed Felt sleeves in six exciting colour combinations. Now known as the classic collection.

Felt is a natural product, the colours aren’t sun-proof, 100% wool, handmade in the Netherlands. Available in different colour combinations.

Limited art edition

The 1st limited art edition of 50 is Flashlight. Unlike the Felt sleeves, we developed a unique wooll-e blocker ® for Tomas Schats design. The limited art edition is only available as complete wall lamp.

Please send us a personal mail if you own a wooll-e® and would like to learn about switch to a Flashlight scene.


Coming soon is the wooll-e® Knitt’d series we’ve developed in close collaboration with a knit artist.

The Cloud, Mushroom and Structure designs will be available in beautiful colours. All handmade by order in the Netherlands of the very best wool .

Customized sleeves

We take commissions to wooll-e your work environment of domestic setting by creating something especially for you, your company or organization.

wooll-e ofix ifixwooll-e® FIX

The wooll-e FIX is a superior magnet sunken into a holder made of nylon granule. The design of the magnet holder gives you a good grip and protects the surface from damage.

Inside and outside

You can choose between two different holders. The iFIX is a loose holder to be placed 0n the inside of the wooll-e lamp-shade, hardly visible and is flexible to position. The oFIX is a holder to attach on the outside of the wooll-e lamp-shade, visible and quick-‘n-easy for moving it from spot to spot.

We produce exclusively to order.

wooll-e Clip whitewooll-e® Clip

The clip is designed to organize your electric cord. It can fasten in three positions. Each clip is made in the Netherlands with a 3D printer using nylon granules. When the printing process is finished, it is polished. This gives the clip a unique look and feel.

Be a good scout

As your wooll-e comes with 3 meters of electric cord and your power outlet might be within 2 meters, instead of hiding the extra electric cord you can turn it into a cool feature. This way it becomes an integral part of the lamp.

We already made some suggestions for you, but be a good scout and invent new ones! Examples follow soon.

DSC_0241 (3)wooll-e® discs

To hang your wooll-e wall lamp on any surface, you just stick the metal wooll-e discs on your wall.

The discs are primed white, allowing you to paint or wall paper over it.

The discs are equipped with professional semi-removable stickers on the back. They discs are perfected with a tapering hole in the middle, for those situations where no-smooth surfaces or plasticizers in paint, varnish or wall paper affects the adhesive power of the stickers.

Additional to the extra stickers, – to re-hang your discs when you move or re-decorate –, we’ll add a plug and screw in the box. Just in case!

DSC_0234 (2)Electric cord

The wooll-e® is provided with 3 meters of electric cord.

Classic collection

A shiny anthracite as base colour to match every wooll-e and 3 vibrant colours to make exciting combinations: luscious green, ice blue and signal orange


The wooll-e limited art editions always come with a special electric cord.


The wooll-e is Dutch design. There is no need to change the plug as we can provide special adapters to our international supporters. Here you’ll find an image of the adapters. If you wish to change the plug, please ask a professional electrician for assistance.