Frequently Asked Questions

Lets start with the first question! What is a wooll-e®? It's a Dutch designed handmade unique ready to hang wall lamp. It’s super easy to change its appearance by simply slipping a different 'special designed' wooll-e sleeve over your wooll-e lampshade. Be creative with how you organize the electric cord. Just re-hang where ever you need an extra light to bright up a room. By owning a wooll-e, you’re part of the family co-creating the amazing world of wooll-e.


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We like to keep it personal as we find it the best way to make you a happy wooll-e® owner.

We make beautiful things to light up your life. The wooll-e concept allows you to be creative. We work in product-teams collaborating with professionals, craftsmen and artists, creating new ideas for you and your wooll-e lamp.

We only produce by order, using materials of the best quality and all our lamps are handmade in the Netherlands. We love to sell them to you, and this is how we keep it simple.
Step 1: See what we offer
Step 2: Tell us by email what you like
Step 3: We’ll contact you and make it happen and light up your life

We produce for individual customers, the professional market and did you know we also create customized lamps![/vc_column_text][/vc_accordion_tab]

Where Can I Buy A wooll-e?

The first stop is in an art shop.

Flashlight, the first art edition wall-lamp, designed by Rotterdam based Dutch artist Tomas Schats for wooll-e®, is launched in the museum shop of Kunsthal Kade in Amersfoort – the Netherlands in April 2015.

It’s a unique designed layered animated narrative that comes to live by switching on/off the light giving the lamp-scene an unexpected turn.

Each wooll-e Flashlight is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The edition is 50 and the price is €179,50 including VAT and excluding shipping.

Kunsthal Kade Shop – Eemplein 77, 3812 EA Amersfoort in The Netherlands (out of stock – but available through the studio in Rotterdam)

“How Long Will It Take Before I Can Hang My wooll-e?”

After we received your bank payment we’ll start the producing process and aim tosent your wall lamp within 5 working days.

We ain’t a webshop as the world of wooll-e is an amazing project that gives you choices and encourage you to be creative.

You tell us what you like to buy and we’ll contact you about all details as we prefer things to be personal. The wooll-e’s are all handmade in the Netherlands an we take pride in using high quality materials sourced locally where possible, to give you the very best.

We confirm all we’ve agreed in an email, including an invoice by wooll-e, Dutch Design by readymate.
We produce by order, only starting the production process after we’ve received your payment.

Each order is special to use and different, but we can promise you that we are all working hard to meet set deadlines and as soon as we are ready we will ship your wooll-e.

We work with varying dispatch dates for the wooll-e different designs.
Please allow 7-21 days for delivery from dispatch date. When we ship your lamp, you’ll receive an email from us with the shipping info.

Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Both Transfer Wise and PayPal is used as payment method for our International customers.

Dutch customers can pay through their bank account.

How Much Cost A wooll-e?

We’re using high quality materials sourced locally where possible. Dutch Design, handmade in and shipped from the Netherlands.

Prices start from €139,50* for a wooll-e® iFIX with a 100% wool felt sleeve in contrasting colours and 3 metres of electric cord, clip and two discs.

* Including VAT – excluding shipping.

Do You Ship Internationally?

We love to wooll-e the world, so yes! we ship internationally – but only after receiving your payment. As ongoing project we only produce by order.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

The shipping costs varies and actually depends on your preferences which carrier you want us to use and how you want us to ship your order. With or without track & trace, a signature for receipt or as insured package.

A general indication of shipping costs for the Netherlands starts from €6,95 for sending one wooll-e. For the rest of Europe is approx. €15,- (except Switzerland). And all international shipments are approx. €20,-.

When you wish to buy more then one wooll-e, we’ll pack it in a most efficient way to get you the best shipping deal available.

Can I Return A wooll-e?

By buying a wooll-e® you support our ongoing project and you’ll be part of the family co-creating the world of wooll-e.

We put a lot of love in creating your wooll-e® lamp and sleeves.

We take pride in using high quality materials sourced locally where possible. The production process starts right after receiving your payment and each step on the way we guide with accuracy to give you the very best. Dutch Design, hand-made in the Netherlands.

I’ve received my item and I’m not happy with it. What can I do?

We are unable to offer refunds or exchanges so please ensure you are happy with your choice before placing your order. If your item is faulty or damaged, please email and we’ll be happy to help.

Everything we do, we do to make you a happy wooll-e owner.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Any Questions?

Just send us an e-mail and we’ll get in touch with you to start the conversation.

wooll-e is a project ran by architects Geert and Henk and conceptor/artist Anne-Marie. We design, produce and ship the wooll-e’s from the Netherlands. In creating the world of wooll-e we collaborate with professionals and artists.

wooll-e® is a registered concept, Dutch Design by readymate.



wooll-e Comes With An Europlug, But I Have A Different Wall Socket!

If you wish we can supply an adapter plug with your wooll-e, that is compatible with the Europlug and your wall socket. We have several adapter plugs that adapt the Europlug to the plug type of your country. The adapter doesn’t convert the line voltage! Please email and we’ll do our best to help you.


Is there a light bulb provided with the lamp?

No sorry, we won’t be shipping any light bulbs with the wooll-e® as they are to fragile to ship without damaging.

What kind of light bulb do I need for the wooll-e?

The socket from the wooll-e lamp uses an E27 light bulb, also an E26 light bulb should work.

For the most energy efficient light bulb we can recommend a LED light, preferable one that has a complete open sphere, just like a old light bulb.

We’ve tested several and different kinds of light bulbs, from halogen, Compact fluorescent lamp to LED light bulbs. Important is that the light bulbs stay under the maximum temperature that the magnet in the iFIX and oFIX may reach.