The limited art edition designed by Tomas Schats for wooll-e®.

Flashlight, a mini story that provokes your imagination. By switching on/off the light, an animate illusion colors a single linear figure against a white background and gives the Flashlight scene an unexpected turn thanks to  the unique wooll-e® blocker. The art edition is limited to 50, signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The canvas for ” Flashlight “, – the limited art edition designed by artist Tomas Schats for wooll-e® -, is the lampshade.

Handmade to our specifications in the Netherlands.

The lampshade dimensions are 15 cm ∅ by 15 cm ↑. Double layered to give the lampshade the firmness we like. On the outside we use white textile and silver grey on the inside for that little extra reflection.

The design is completed with a special 3 metres yellow & black electric cord. It comes with a black clip to contrast nicely with the electric cord. The clip allows you to organize the cord creatively. The yellow felt ring fix the socket firmly to the lampshade. The black iFIX match the whole perfectly.

Flashlight on by Tomas Schats for wooll-e

We guarantee it’s something special with the signed certificate of authenticity (with an extra scene sticker). Flashlight is only available in an edition of 50. The lamp comes with 2 discs what makes it super easy to rehang the wooll-e® wherever you want to flash the light.

Your Flashlight scene sticker is positioned in the right spot on the outside of the wooll-e lampshade and the Flashlight wool-e blocker and colour filter is alreadinstalled in the lampshade.

The wall lamp comes in a handy box.

Be special, buy Tomas Schats art! Flashlight – a wooll-e to light up your life.

Artist Tomas Schats is famous for his clear line animations and drawings from which everything superfluous has been omitted. By collaborating with wooll-e, he enters the world of design.

Flashlight, a unique design to animate your wooll-e®.
The first limited art edition designed by Tomas for wooll-e is Flashlight.
The narrative Schats tells is layered and animated. By switching on/off the light gives the scene an unexpected turn.