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Today we proudly present the wooll-e® Knitted series in our studio at Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam.

Limited editions in off-white, designed by artist Monika Soltysik for wooll-e®, all handknitted in the Netherlands from locally sourced 100% wool.

wooll-e Kn'tted Series Alto - Fore   wooll-e Kn'tted Series Alto - Rear                                                                                                                                                                                                                 wooll-e Kn'tted Series Cirro Fore   wooll-e Kn'tted Series Cirro - rear - Rear

The wooll-e® Kn’tted Series comes with a white oFIX, white clip and we selected a beautiful linen electric cord to create a perfect balance between all aspects of the wall lamp. The wooll-e® Kn’tted sleeves standard colour is off-white*.

I want this!
The wooll-e® Knitted Series : Alto fore/rear and wooll-e® Cirro fore/rear , are available in off-white* for €189,50 including VAT, excluding shipping per wall-lamp.
Just drop a line and we’ll make it happen.

wooll-e Kn'tted Series

The wooll-e® Knitted Series is a result of an inspirational journey of collaboration, sharing, testing and pushing limits to create unique knitted sleeves for the wooll-e® lamp.

Monika Soltysik, wooll-e® CIRRO-rear from the wooll-e® Knitted Series
Monika Soltysik’s inspiration comes from architectural forms, organic shapes and Dutch skies – “especially clouds, as she thinks there is nowhere else where clouds looks as impressive as they do in the Netherlands”. She translated her fascination for clouds into sculptural designs for the wooll-e® Knitted series.

It inspired us to come up with fantastic names like wooll-e®Alto fore/rear and wooll-e® Cirro fore/rear , all derived from different types of clouds such as altocumulus or cirrocumulus.

Oh, and we like to be challenged, so talk shop when it comes to colours and we’ll get in touch with you to work things out colourwise and pricewise.

* additonal costs will be charged for different colour than off-white for the wooll-e® Knit.

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