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We create for individual customers, the professional market and love design your customized wooll-e lamps!

The wooll-e® concept allows you to be creative. If you like what we do but can’t find where you are looking for, than just tell us what you wish for.

We produce by order, what makes us flexible. Using materials of the very best quality, sourced locally if possible. All the wooll-e’s are handmade in the Netherlands. We love to sell them to you while we keep it simple and personal, as we find it the best way to make you a happy wooll-e® owner.

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The wooll-e Flashlight

Limited art edition of only 50
Designed by Dutch artist Tomas Schats for wooll-e®
€179,50 including VAT excluding shipping (per wall lamp)

What’s in the box 

  • 1 double-layered wooll-e® lampshade (15cm∅15cm↑)
  • Tomas Schats Flashlight illustration positioned in the right spot
  • Flashlight wooll-e blocker® and colour filter already installed
  • 3 meters of special designed yellow & black electric cord
  • fitting with integrated on/off switch and an euro-plug
  • 1 yellow felt ring to fix the socket firmly to the lampshade
  • 1 black iFix
  • 2 high quality primed metal discs with a tapering hole
  • Extra special tape (plus a screw just in case;)
  • 1 black clip to organize the electric cord creatively
  • Signed by the artist and comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity (including an extra scene sticker)
  • Clear Tomas Schats style instruction




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