Monika Soltysik

Monika Soltysik, wooll-e® CIRRO-rear from the wooll-e® Knitted SeriesRotterdam based, Polish artist.

Monika Soltysik comes  from a creative skills crafts family. She learned from the very best to respect traditional techniques – such as handwork, knowing that “if you can imagine it, you can create it by hand”.

With an educational background in Architecture and work experience in Graphic design, she chose to turn her passion for traditional techniques into her profession when she moved to the Netherlands. Monika loves to create modern sculptural pieces using her in-depth knowledge of knitting and crochet techniques.

Her inspiration comes from architectural forms, organic shapes and Dutch skies – “especially clouds, as she thinks there is nowhere else where clouds looks as impressive as they do in the Netherlands”.

The wooll-e® Kn’tted Series is a result of an inspirational journey of collaboration, sharing, testing and pushing limits to create unique knitted sleeves for the wooll-e® lamp.

Monika translated her fascination for clouds into sculptural designs for the wooll-e® Kn’tted series. It inspired us to come up with fantastic names like wooll-e® Alto fore/rear and wooll-e® Cirro fore/rear , all derived from different types of clouds such as altocumulus or cirrocumulus.

Monika Soltysik will continue working with us on designing new sleeves for the wooll-e® Kn’tted Series.

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