Tomas Schats

Rotterdam based, Dutch artist.

Tomas Schats is well known for his clear line animations and drawings from which everything superfluous has been omitted. They are miniatures created in pencil and displayed against a blindingly clean and white background. The narratives he tells are layered and occasionally take unexpected turns. He says: ’In their minimal linearity, these animations resemble cartoons but they are, in their simplicity, more lyrical and more ambiguous, wry,but nevertheless light-footed.
They are based on reality, but transcend it is a subtle manner. They tell stories about humankind, with all its possibilities and limitations.

Flashlight is the 1st limited art edition designed by Tomas Schats for the wooll-e®, a no drilling hole needed wall lamp. Flashlight is a mini story that provokes your imagination. By switching on/off the light, an animated illusion colours a single linear figure against a white background and brings the Flashlight scene to life through the unique wooll-e blocker®. The limited art edition of 50 is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Tomas Schats will continue designing new limited art scenes for the wooll-e ® in the future.

Schats works for NRC (Dutch newspaper), VPRO TV Guide (Dutch broadcasting channel), De Morgen (Belgian newspaper)

Tomas Schats